Dutch Working Malinois Ciara - NHSB 3002536

Born. 25 april 2015

Sire: Odin Myllesheim

Dame: Arrack's Home Ivvy

Hight: 62cm

Weight: 29 kg

Training: IPO III

Health: HD-A1 ED-0

Dutch Working Mailnois Ciara - Freya


2017 VZH 51 pnt

2017 IPO I A-90 B-83 C-90

2017 IPO II A-96 B-92 C-92

2018 IPO III A-90 B-87 C-90

Dutch Working Malinois Ciara (Freya) is a very social dog, driven and eager to learn and work. She knows when it is time to play, work or rest without any issues. Because she is capable to quickly switch from one drive to the other, she is always capable to take in new things and learn when required.

Freya prefers to work together with her handler. Because she trusts her handler completely, she will do everything that is requested and together she can take on the whole world. She is a dog that is willing to do everything for you.
At home she is very alert but when told all is well, she will cuddle visitors within two minutes. All in all, Freya is a fantastic dog on the training field and within our home.