LOSH 1122193 - Linck van het Groot Wezenland x NHSB 3002536 - Dutch Working Malinois Ciara (Freya) 

5 Males (Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange) and 4 Females (Purple, Pink, Green, Grey) Born 2 June 2019 

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14 July - Meet the A-litter

The puppies are now 6 weeks old and are becoming real Malinators. They are playing, eating a lot and starting to growl, bark and some are also exploring their digging skills to get a good spot to lay down in. As is required, the puppies also received their microchip, this also mean that they now no longer are a color, they now also have their pedigree name assigned.

As soon as they have received their vaccinations we will go out and about to discover new things. Planned is a visit with the neighborly animals, like sheep, horses and even zebras and walibis. We will also visit the local stores that accept dogs, will visit the railway and will they join us at the training field where they can get their first taste of IGP. Allmost all puppies now have a new owner waiting for them and until now all will be trained within IGP. There is however still one little girl that is looking for a new home but we are confident that she will also get a nice forever home.

7 July - Discovering and playing

The little critters are now 5 weeks old and you really need to look where you're going. They are already quite fast runners and before you know you have a puppy on your shoelaces or trousers. Slowly but surely they are starting to discover more and more. They even went to the front garden together with mommy which is a great area to run.

Mom is also liking her puppies more and more, specially since she can start playing with them now. Some of the puppies are already carefully challenging mommy. Now we are trying new things more and more with the little Malinois to experience and discover as much as they can. Next week they will receive their chip and vaccinations shortly after that, meaning we can actually go out and about with them to discover the world outside.

27 June - How time flies

The puppies are already 3,5 weeks old. Where they were helpless little creatures, they are now starting to look and act like real dogs. Walking is getting better and better, some even start running and their sharp teeth are coming through. When you make a noise everything starts barking and growling and the most secure ones immediately come to check it out.

A few days ago they went outside on the playing field and played with the visitors and slept in the nice cool grass. In their special doggy cart they went to visit uncle Yoda and Auntie Nina in their outdoor kennels and also did a quick visit to the cats and Cindy. We are also slowly introducing the feeding bowl to slowly get them accustomed to start eating solid foods and not just mommies special milk.

In the coming weeks we will start working on the socialization of the puppies by getting them introduced to all sorts of sounds and situations and know they are not scary to ensure they will carry that experience with them for the rest of their lives. 

16 June - Another week over

Time flies with the lovely little critters in the house. The second week again went well and puppies are growing enormously. Much more than eating and sleeping is not yet on their agenda, but still you can see some changes happening already. All puppies now have their eyes open and are quire actively trying to use their legs. Slowly but surely they are moving from crawling to actually walking and some are already quite fast. Moms is still really proud of her little ones and ensures she keeps an eye on them. Always making sure that none of her kids will want for anything.

According to schedule the pups also had their first deworming. That was quite strange, getting something different in your mouth than mommy's milk, but all kept it down really well.

Now all their eyes are open they are also starting to make more dog like sounds. A careful growling or something that is starting to sound like a bark is slowly coming out of the nursery. Only a few more days and the house will no longer be safe and the puppies can make it their own personal playground inside and outside. And outside is going to be a treat. We have now realized the puppy play garden, including a puppy socializing course. We are really curious how they will go through it. To see if it works, our little grandma Cindy, currently 14,5 years old, has done a Quality Test run and all looks good.

10 June - The puppies are already 1 week old.

Freya turns out to be an excellent mother, she is on her guard with everyone coming around the house and is constantly keeping an eye on her puppies. But, when she is going out side to do her business she is already in the mood for some fun and play (it is a Malinois after all). But when playtime is over, she hurries back inside to check on the kids.

The puppies are growing at an insane speed and most have already doubled in their birth weight and there's already a few that past the 1kg mark. At their birth you could hold them in one hand, now however you already need two.

The first born (black collar) is a bear of a puppy. Only one hour after being born he was on his hind legs against mum to get the good milk. Our little (orange collar) had a slow start, but is turning out to be really inventive in getting to his diner by wiggling his way through his brothers and sisters. The red collar had a big mouth at the beginning if not getting enough to drink, now however, he is really relaxed. And puppy purple wants to get everything there is to get by keeping sucking and pushing until there is actually no more milk available.

Until now the puppies looked like little seals that were only able to crawl and drag their hind legs behind them. Now however, at day 8, they all start trying and use their legs. You can see how they are trying to lift their own weight upon their front legs, however the back part is not that quick yet.

The coming week their eyes and ears will start opening en we are really curious to see their expressions making them all little characters.

2 June - The A-litter is born!

Sunday June 2nd Freya gave birth to 5 male and 4 female puppies. Mommy is doing a great job en is tending to her puppies every need. Because our little mother has picked the hottest day of the year to deliver her puppies it was quite hard. Fortunately she is now a really relaxed and content mommy and is taking the most of the situation by us tending to her every needs. The puppies are also content with already big bellies and growing fast. It is a wonderful experience to witness a birth and our connection with Freya has only grown. She didn't like the Vet that much though, as she was interested a bit too much in her puppies, but this only shows how good of a mother she is to them. We are looking forward to see the puppies grow and develop their own unique characters.

25 May - The first puppy picture!

It looks to be a nice litter. Everything is looking great. Her belly is also growing each day. Just a bit of time left for Freya to relax which she is enjoying to the fullest

2 May - Today we went to the Vet to get an Ultrasound for confirmation of Freya's pregnancy. Freya is indeed carrying and it is looking like a full litter Malinois babies in a few weeks.

Just a bit more patience before we can meet the new generation in the flesh.

3/4 April - Freya went to visit Linck.

They had a great time together which we hope will give a positive result in a lot of puppies.

We still have to be patient though. At the end of April we will go to the vet for an ultrasound to confirm Freya is indeed pregnant.


VIDEO - The meeting between Freya and Linck Click on the picture to see the video