Paxx from Marrax Place (LOSH 1181767) x Dutch Working Malinois Ciara Freya (NHSB 3002536)

Born 4 April 2021 - 4 Male (Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow) and 1 Female (Pink) - All puppies have been reserved

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23 May 2021

The final week with all the puppies together. Because they are old enough now this week they went to the Vet for the first time. This also means they were going by car for the first time. They were a little bit unsure in the beginning, but within a few minutes all of them were sleeping and we needed to wake them up when we were able to go into the Vet's office.

At the Vet they were inspecting every inch of the room and of course the Vet also inspected all the puppies in detail. She was very pleased with their free way of walking around without any reservations and also with their physical condition of the five little ones.


This is the final up-date of our B-litter. We wish al the new owner a lot of luck with their new family member and hope to see all of them again some day, especially when we will be able to plan our family day again.

16 May 2021

This week it was all about getting their chip and their official name. On Wednesday the lady from the RvB came to visit to take the puppies DNA samples and to provide them with their individual ID chip. All puppies have behaved perfectly and let the lady do her thing during chipping and swapping of DNA. We are really proud of all five of the little monster. An of course, before leaving she needed to be inspected in full by all brothers and their sister.

This week they were also able to get a closer look at the other fluffy fur ball. Boris was of course very happy to greet all the puppies and as soon as the puppies were a bit more sure about what Boris actually is they understood that a cat can be quite fun to play with.


9 May 2021

Even though the weather wasn't always as nice as we would like to see it, the puppies are more and more eager to go outside and are slowly understanding that outside is where they need to pee.

They are playing more and more together and are exploring their surroundings. Last week it was still a bit cautious when going outside, now they run as fast as they can to get there and play with each other nd their toys. Freya is also participating in the play and is teaching them boundaries, although some are a bit stubborn.

And when they are done playing with each other, the visitors and mummy, they will sleep peacefully in the sun. Last week they still felt they needed to go inside to sleep, but now they are all enjoying the warmth of the sun, even the really active ones.

2 May 2021

It was an interesting week. The puppies are growing at a steady pace and are busy with investigating and starting to experience the world outside of the nest. They have now smelled the outside air and liked it. All puppies were very happy to go into the grass as it was nice and soft to lie in. There were also all sorts of toys in different materials and even a fun ball pit to entertain the puppies.

Big brother Loki also visit his half brothers and sisters and admire them, all puppies thought he was quite interesting, although Loki himself needed to look twice before grasping the idea of the puppies in front of him.

Because the puppies are now 4 weeks old, visiting hours have started and the first future owners have visited their new family member. The puppies really liked all the attention and cuddles they received. And as they are becoming big dogs, they were also getting introduced with big dog food by means of meat. They all really liked, some even so much that they wanted all the meat, even that from their brothers.

We are also seeing more and more of their characters coming forward and all develop to be their own individual self.

25 April 2021

Slowly but surely the pups are becoming more active. They are now 3 weeks old and starting to discover all sorts of things.

This week they also moved from the baby room to the puppy room where they have more space and slowly will get acquainted with all the different toys and items. They are really fond of the big cuddle toys.

They are also starting to find out who's the strongest and who's boss and in their own puppy manner are ever so often growling to show their strength.

18 April 2021

The puppies are already 2 weeks old, how time flies! They are all doing really well and slowly their eyes are opening. They are becoming more and more active and are trying to walk, although their little hind legs are still a bit difficult to use. All puppies have now doubled in weight and there's already a few that passed the 2kg mark.

We are also slowly seeing some characters developing. The little lady for example may be small and relaxed, but she is definitely not impressed by her much bigger brothers when trying to get to the best position for milk. We are really curious now they are starting to walk and opening their eyes, what their characters will be.

11 April 2021

The first week has already passed and the puppies are growing really well.

As with our previous litter, Freya has shown to be an excellent mother. And because this is her and our second time around we all know what to expect. It is great to see how the little ones are developing. Even though they are not doing much more than eating sleeping and crawling through their nest, you already see some small character trades. The little lady is really relaxed, males Yellow and Purple are eating like mad men, male Blue is very vocally present and male Black is already good in putting himself in tight spots where he still needs some help to get out off.

We are curious how they will develop further and what their expressions will be like when they open their eyes.

4 April 2021

The puppies are born. The Easter bunny brought us 5 healthy puppies. Mom and Pups are doing well. We now have 4 gentlemen and a little lady. The Girl is small but she can definitely make herself know between her brothers.

22 March 2021

The first official picture of the puppies! :-)

Freya is now 49 days pregnant and today we went back to the Vet to take X-ray pictures for an indication of the number of puppies we can expect. It looks like a nice number, but we will have to wait until they are born to be sure.

Freya is exploiting her pregnancy to the fullest, a lot f eating, a lot of cuddles and doing as little as possible.

1 March 2021

It has been confirmed that the AI was successful and Freya is pregnant from Paxx from Marrax Place. If all goes well we are expecting the puppies around Easter.

1 February 2021

Today Freya was bred. Not a romantic meeting by candlelight but a somewhat cold encounter at the Vet. Due to COVID-19 situation and the restrictions in both Belgium and the Netherlands we decided on the safest option and let Freya be artificially inseminated at our own Vet through Endoscopic AI.

If all went well we are expecting our B-litter early April. On the 1st of March we will return to the Vet for an ultrasound to confirm Freya's pregnancy and maybe we will be able to take the first picture of the future puppies.