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Mythical Force is a Kennel for the Belgian Shepherds, Malinois, focused on breeding and training of social working dogs, sporting dogs and active family dogs. We ourselves train in IGP (former IPO).

Through the breeder of our first Malinois (Freya and Yoda) we have experienced the importance of socializing the puppies from an early start. As by their example we try to ensure we start the socializing of the puppies from an early start to give them a head start when they will go to their new home. We will let the puppies get accustomed to the car, a bench, kennel and varied strange and loud sounds.


The puppies will be growing up within our own home (they do have their own room to ensure they get their peace and quiet as well) and will also have an outside play area to let them get accustomed with different materials as well as the different inhabitants in and around our home.


2 years ago

Super blij met onze geweldige pup uit het C nest.
Comet (nu Freya) is een mooi relaxed hondje.
Mede ook door de inzet van deze geweldige fokker die haar thuis al aan van alles heeft laten wennen.

Sini Luukkonen
2 years ago

Big thanks to Karin and Patrick!

I have been really happy with my puppy and I have got what I wanted. The whole puppy acquisition process has gone smoothly, even though I brought two puppies to Finland. The breeders have been fair and reliable and they have put a lot of effort into the puppies. I have found myself really privileged to have a puppy from Karin and Patrick!

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