C-litter - expected autumn 2021

Our first 2nd generation litter. Mother of this litter will be our own Morticia (Mythical Force's Aphrodite). Morticia is the daughter of Linck van het Grootwezenland, Belgium IPO champion all breeds 2017 and in training for IGP herself.

As father for this litter we have chosen Paxx from Marrax Place again, Belgium IGP Champion 2020. The puppies of our B-litter showed a lot of potential and are very open and relaxed and social. Therefore we decided to ask Paxx again for our C-litter.

From this litter we expect good switching working dogs with a good drive.


If you are interested in this litter, please contact us through the puppy form.

B-litter- 4 April 2021

B-litter 4-April-2021

Dutch Working Mailinois Ciara x Paxx from Marrax Place

4 males 1 female

A-litter 2 June 2019


A-litter  2-June 2019

Dutch Working Malinois Ciara x Linck van het Grootwezenland

5 male and 4 female.