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Paxx is Belgium Champion IGP 2020 and was 2nd in BC 2021 and 2022. In 2022 he participated at the World Championship IGP with a great result. 


Morticia (IGP I) is a driven lady and daughter of Linck van het Grootwezenland (BC IPO 2017) and Dutch Working Malinois Ciara (Freya, IPO III).


From this combination we have seen very nice puppies that are very social and driven. They handle themselves really well in sports and as active house dogs. They are always ready to work and play but also know how to take some time to rest. 

D-litter - 4 February 2023

Mythical Force's Aphrodite x Paxx from Marrax Place

3 males and 7 females.

Callisto - Housedog

Chaka Khan - Housedog

Cher - IGP

Comet - Tracking

Charmed - Tracking

Calypso - IGP

Cleopatra - Guard dog

Calamity Jane - Housedog

Catha - Housedog

Chewbacca - IGP

Chaos - IGP

C-litter - 27 September 2021

Mythical Force's Aphrodite x Paxx from Marrax Place

2 males and 9 females.

Beowulf - Housedog

Brego - IGP

Buffy - IGP

Bombur - Housedog

Binx - Housedog

B-litter 4-April-2021

Dutch Working Malinois Ciara x Paxx from Marrax Place

4 males 1 female

Apollo - Tracking

Ares - Housedog

Azriël - IGP

Astra - IGP

Alf - Military Police Dog

Asteria - IGP

Aphrodite - IGP

Andromeda - IGP/Housedog

Anakin - IGP


A-litter  2-June 2019

Dutch Working Malinois Ciara x Linck van het Grootwezenland

5 male and 4 female.