Dutch Working Malinois Charly - NHSB 3002528 

Birth. 25 april 2015

Sire: Odin Myllesheim

Dame: Arrack's Home Ivvy

Height: 63cm

Weight: 34kg

Training: VZH, IGP I i.o.

Dutch Working Mailnois Charly - Yoda


2017 VZH 58 pnt

2019 IGP I

Dutch Working Malinois Charly (Yoda) is a social and curious working dog. In new situations and surroundings, he is eager to see what it is and will inspect everything and everyone without showing any signs of fear or unease, the crazier the better.
Yoda is always ready when there is a sign of action and is very driven in all he does. He is very capable of enjoying himself but can show true pride when accomplishing a task together with his handler.
Switching between drives is one of his positive points which always makes him approachable in high tension situations.
His impressive appearance and character make us proud to be the owner of this eager to work handsome guy.