Paxx from Marrax Place (LOSH 1181767) x Mytchical Force's Aphrodite Morticia  (NHSB 3160855)

Born 4 February 2023 - 3 males (Green, Red, Blue) and 7 females (Black, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Braun). 

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4 March - Week 4

The puppies still sleep a lot, but in the 10 minutes they are awake they are already very actively investigating their surroundings and playing with their siblings. They are also getting more an more focussed to humans. The birth box is now out of the puppy pin, giving them more and more space to discover. Carefully we also started to giving them more solid foods which they are really enjoying.

25 February - Week 3

The eyes and ears are working perfectly now and walking is becoming more actual walking. Some of the puppies are even trying running and jumping and a brave one is charging the siblings. Growling and Barking is now also a sure part of the inventory especially when they are unable to get what they want, they will let you know. The first toys are now also part of their area and they are received with a lot of curiosity. The big bear in the corner is very well received as it is a perfect pillow to lie on. We are also starting to see all their little characters developing slowly, it is going to be a great bunch again!

18 February - Week 2

The second week is going as well as the first. Everything is going great and we see the eyes opening at the end of this week and also the ears are opening up. They are now also able to recognize light en start reacting to sounds. Even though they are small, they can already growl and bark making us check in at all the sounds they are producing. Even Morticia is looking surprised at her puppies when hearing all these sounds. Slowly they are also starting to walk, at least, something that is looking like walking and some can even sit already.

11 February - Week 1

After the birth and with a very relaxed dog mum, the first week flew by. The puppies are doing really well. They are drinking, sleeping and eating as they should en we do not get any complaints from them until now. Mum hardly comes out of the crate, only to do her business and to eat herself. When we need to weigh the puppies she's on top of it to keep an eye out on what we're doing. The puppies are growing well and are putting on weight nicely. It is a very relaxed litter and we melt every time we see them

4 February - Happy Birthday!

On Saturday 4th of February our D-litter was born. It was a long day but eventually Morticia gave birth to 10 beautiful healthy puppies. This time we counted 3 males and 7 females. Mum and pups are doing great. Morticia is again showing she is a proud mother and we are looking forward to see them develop in the coming weeks.

26 January - Time to Count!

This morning we visited the vet for the first official puppy picture! We now have an idea on how many puppies we will be expecting and thereby also when Morticia is done giving birth to them. It looks like another lovely little pack. We still need to wait for another 2 weeks before the puppies will introduce themselves to the world.

5 January - Pregnancy Confirmed!

Today we visited the Vet to confirm Morticia's pregnancy. As she was already getting a bit rounder we already knew that the breading was successful, but now we also have confirmation through the Ultrasound. It looks to be a busy time ahead with the puppies from Morticia and Paxx. At the end of the month we will go for another check-up and get insight in the number of puppies we can expect.

7/8 December - Romantic Rendezvous

Morticia again surprised us with being ready 2 months early to go visit her boyfriend. But you can't plan nature, so we went to visit Paxx. It was quite cold, but that did not stop them from having a lovely time resulting in a breading 2 days in a row.

Now we need to wait until we can go for the ultrasound to confirm she is pregnant. Fingers crossed!