Paxx from Marrax Place (LOSH 1181767) x Mytchical Force's Aphrodite Morticia  (NHSB 3160855)

Born 27 September  2021 - 2 males (Blue, Braun) and 9 females (Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Orange, Black, Yellow). 

All puppies have found a new home.

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15 November 2021

This is already the last week that all 11 puppies were together as a litter.

This was a week with a lot of new activities. Not only did a photographer come by to make lovely pictures, they also visited the vet for their first shots. Also our little brown guy had an issue that needed to be corrected by the vet. All puppies were extremely brave and enjoyed all the attention. Although they did prefer to walk a round and explore the vet's office instead of being in their transport cages, but we would be the same.

The first ones have now also moved to their new homes. For us this is the most difficult part of the breeding process when we need to say goodbye. Fortunately all have a great new home to go to and we are confident all will have a good life going forward.


8 November 2021

The weather has been quite good throughout this week, who would have thought this weather would occur in November. This meant the little ones, although growing quite fast, were able to go outside and enjoy the outside areas. The really liked the grass and all the toys they found outside were thoroughly inspected. They are playing with a lot of dedication with each other and with grandma. And when the weather is not this well they have now taken over the living room as well, although you need to watch out they are not eating the sushi from your table...

1 November 2021

Morticia is a great mother to her 11 young ones, so good so that it is actually affecting her own physic which let us decide after consulting our vet to give her her peace to recover from the birth and feeding and move her away from the pups. Fortunately grandmother Freya was ready to step in and take over the upbringing and feeding which the puppies did not mind at all.

The puppies are enjoying their new playmate and the inside playground they have to their disposal. They are even able to go outside sometimes when the weather is nice and warm enough.

25 October 2021

Our C's are now 4 weeks old and a lot more resilient which means there are more toys to play with and their area has grown with the size of the full puppykennel. Especially the big teddy bear is a favourite to climb and lay on. The first visitors have also come by to look at the little cuties and they used all their charms on them. Obviously we needed to check the pockets to ensure none were actualy stowed away. They have also checked out some areas outside of the puppy kennel and are quite curious about all the new surroundings. 

18 October 2021

Outside of now having their eyes fully open, the puppies also figured out how to bark. One after the other is letting their little barks sound through the kennel. They also became a lot more agile and are moving around their little nest, even walking a bit at times, although a bit wobbly. Morticia is still very proud of her kids and is is keeping an eye on them constantly. 

11 October 2021

And another week went by, how time is moving quick when you are having fun. The puppies are growing really well and have all doubled in weight. Slowly their eyes are opening up and they ae all trying to stand and walk. It is a nice bunch and Morticia needs to keep an eye out where she puts her paws. As soon as she goes into the puppy pin all puppies hurry towards her to get some more milk. We are already looking forward to the coming weeks. In about a week or so their characters will start showing, although there are already some traits we can see now. For example, little miss Yellow is a busy body and Madame Purple will let you know clearly when there's something she doesn't like.

4 October 2021

The first week of our C's flew by. Morticia turns out to be a born mother and is taking really good care of her 11 little ones. Of course we are allowed to check in and handle the puppies as necessary, but during the weighing she wants the puppies back in her care as soon as possible. The puppies seem really happy, they drink, sleep and drink some more and are therefore growing quite nicely while Morticia is keeping everything nice and clean.

27 september 2021

Our C-litter has been born!

On Monday Morticia gave birth to a lovely number of 11. In total 9 females and 2 males were born. Mother and puppies are doing great and Morticia is proving to be an excellent mother. We are very curious how all the puppies will develop in the coming weeks.


16 September 2021

Today we were able to have a peek in the number of puppies we can expect in our upcoming litter. It looks like it is going to be a happy big group.

The actual amount will have to be confirmed when our C-litter is actually born.

26 August 2021

This morning we went to the Vet with Morticia for the confirming Ultrasound. and yes, the meeting between Morticia and Paxx resulted in a pregnancy!

Now we have to wait approximately 4 weeks until we can meet the new generation. Morticia in the meantime is doing great. She is settling in nicely and is enjoying her new spot and all the attention she is getting while we spoil her.

29/30 July 2021

Morticia surprised us by being ready for Paxx a bit earlier than expected, but that is mother nature with her own plan. This meant we were able to go visit Paxx for the breeding on 29th and 30th of July. Paxx and Morticia really liked each other and this resulted in a breeding on both days without any issues. If this will indeed result in puppies will remain to be seen, so we hope we will get confirmation in about 4 weeks when we will go to the Vet for the Ultrasound. For now we have to wait, but we are very proud of our little girl.