Paxx from Marrax Place (LOSH 1181767) x Mytchical Force's Aphrodite Morticia  (NHSB 3160855)

Expected 30 September 2021


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26 August 2021

This morning we went to the Vet with Morticia for the confirming Ultrasound. and yes, the meeting between Morticia and Paxx resulted in a pregnancy!

Now we have to wait approximately 4 weeks until we can meet the new generation. Morticia in the meantime is doing great. She is settling in nicely and is enjoying her new spot and all the attention she is getting while we spoil her.

29/30 July 2021

Morticia surprised us by being ready for Paxx a bit earlier than expected, but that is mother nature with her own plan. This meant we were able to go visit Paxx for the breeding on 29th and 30th of July. Paxx and Morticia really liked each other and this resulted in a breeding on both days without any issues. If this will indeed result in puppies will remain to be seen, so we hope we will get confirmation in about 4 weeks when we will go to the Vet for the Ultrasound. For now we have to wait, but we are very proud of our little girl.